EMAIL: 7183608@gmail.com
PHONE: Israel: 972-2-500-1765 / cell: 972-54-848-3961 / US: 786-209-1868 / UK: 203-355-3539

Rav Glick, the mashgiach ruchani of the yeshiva, is regarded as being one of the top mashgichim in Eretz Yisrael. His many years of experience and keen grasp of human nature put him in the drivers seat when dealing with the many issue’s and personal challenges bochurim are faced with. He somehow manages to have a handle on each and every bochur and spends unlimited time helping them work things out, sparing no effort and not resting until matters are brought to a satisfactory conclusion. He makes time to learn with any bochur who asks, and is consulted by talmidim long after they’ve left the yeshiva. Rav Glick delivers an inspirational weekly shmooze, as well as giving va’adim to the advanced talmidim on a wide variety of topics.

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