EMAIL: atfrankel1@gmail.com
PHONE: US: 845-364-7164 / E"Y: 972-2-582-5457

Rabbi Avrohom Frankel, is a true talmid of the Mirrer yeshiva. He was close to Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel zt"l and ylt"a Rav Asher Arielli and Rav Peretz Tarshish shlita. He is a particularly dynamic, dedicated and caring rebbi. He invests much energy and ingenuity in being mechanech and developing warm relationships with his talmidim. His investment of time, both in the morning and night sedarim are appreciated by talmidim and staff alike. He is also a valuable addition to the recruiting staff, with his contagious excitement for the yeshiva.

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